Red Kites unless told otherwise, Harrogate Showground

First flight this year, sadly the birds of prey were out in force, never seen so many in one spot.
I stayed low and away form them, just a quick flight, it was really nice seeing them gliding and floating on the thermals, at one point there over 10


Certainly look like red kites have a lot of them where I work easiest way to identify is to look for a V in the tail feathers

I was too busy trying to keep out of their way lol

Had one at work when I had the mini 4 up in the air come for a Quick Look but luckily just flew off after a minute was getting ready to climb quickly out its way!!

Wish I’d taken my camera, they were great to watch


Amazing when you consider that they were almost extinct in England just a few years ago!


We have up to 18 kites above our area in Hampshire most days at the moment.


Red Kites are easy to spot. They are the only raptor in the UK with a forked tail :wink:


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King of the castle today. Just 14 around :sunglasses:

Did some work over there last year and talking to the guys who work there, they told me they had to ban a women that used to come every morning with fresh chicken and feed the kites :rofl:

Harewood house is a release centre, If you head for Leeds on the A61 you may well see 40 of them on an evening

6 miles as the Kite fly’s

Loads here in Wales, if your ever this way go to Gigrin Farm in Rhayader they feed them in the afternoons and you can see around 300 to 400 usually. An amazing site


No good if you want to fly your drone though, I would never want to scare them anyway, they are beautiful, will take my camera next time just in case


I never fly my drone when matey is about he doesn’t like it.

I get my canon out. (with a long lens…)