Red Tile Wind Farm - Added to Wind Farms in East of England

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 209

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

Nice lane to park down by the information sign of the Red Tile Wind Farm.


Some great footage you achieved via drone at Red Tile Wind Farm that I viewed a few days ago.
Recently I acquired myself a Hubsan drone gps type but I need to get some practice in so I can gain the license to fly such a craft spring next year when it is a legal requirement. I am about 20 miles or so from the wind farm would I need to ask for any permission initially to fly in the area?

Kind regards

You might need permission depending upon the wind farm and of course you must stay 50m away from each turbine as a minimum. This wind arm actually has a path through the middle so you can definitely go there but still need to maintain the 50m separation.

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