Redcar Steel Works

Last chance to get shots of the Redcar steel works blast furnace - it’s due to be demolished by explosion on Wednesday 23rd Nov 22 betweeen 9am and 1 pm.
Several flight notices have already been filed for the event…


Wednesday would make a great video with the drone :clap:

Absolutely, but with a 4 hour window when do you take to the skies? I have batteries for about 2.25 hrs max, what are the odds of being in the air when the plunger is pressed…?
The guys who have filed flight notices on Drone Assist must have some inside info I think, or some serious battery life…

Nearly always get a 10 then 5 minute siren.


That’s valuable info @milkmanchris - thanks.
If I can deprive she who must be obeyed of the car, I’ll give it a go!

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So I see :slight_smile:


Here’s another one from this morning.
I’ve cropped this one, signal loss prevented me from getting closer…