Rekon 3 Goggle DVR

Second time out with this excellent little quad. Truth be told, there was a fairly stiff breeze to deal with and I’m still getting used to the feel of it, but it’s very chill to just cruise around with; I have to keep reminding myself not to go for the gaps. :grin:

This did used to be my playground. The big slide and swings are the same ones that were there when we moved there in '76. The see-saw and roundabout have been upgraded, and the other bits are new since I left home 35 years ago. :scream:

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Nice little quad to bimble about with, and I’m sure the nostalgia made it an even better flight.

What’s the control link? I actually found that the Eachine Nano LR3 (2S 18650, similar flying style) was really nice with ELRS after I destroyed the immortal-T that was on it.

It’s on Crossfire. I don’t doubt that it could have excellent range in open countryside, but without a buzzer or GPS I don’t really want to be looking for a tiny black thing that accidentally went down half a mile away. :laughing: :

Yeah, I know what you mean, the Eachine does have a GPS but I still don’t fancy trying to find it, it had Crossfire, but somehow I managed to mangle the Immortal-T antenna, and I had an EP1 so replaced the RX rather than just the antenna.
Nice spot to fly small quads though, be fun with a whoop too I’d say.

Yeah, I’d already used all my whoop packs in the garden. :grin:

Buzzer especially… I thought I’d lost my 2" quad for sure in the long grass at the heli field and that was only a few tens of yards away.

I have now found an even smaller battery backed buzzer for it.

I’ve been using these two. Two different sizes, and more reliable than the ViFlys I’ve found. Essential though, heh!