How do I remove the ‘DJI watermark’ at the bottom of every picture?

Take the photos directly off the SD card.

Guessing that’s from the app or something like that?


Thanks Callum,
Downloaded the images onto my hard drive but didn’t check them for watermarks.


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Images on your hard drive will have no watermark and higher quality.


Got the higher quality, missed the ‘no’ markings.

As a subsequent question, almost, what is the best way to reduce video quality, ( the video size ).

Tried to put a video on the forum, ( 1 min 20seconds ), but was told it was too big to post!

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Recommend uploading videos to or

Then just copy the URL from the video you uploaded and paste it here :+1:t2:

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Thanks Rich,
Don’t you have to subscribe to Vimeo?

It did also recommend that, but seemed a ‘faff’.
Yep! I am lazy by nature.:roll_eyes:

The forum is limited to 50MB … so for any length you’d need to reduce the resolution and up the compression to the point that it wouldn’t ever be worth it.

What resolution are you recording in?

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Highest, so I can take stills from it.
Probably not the best idea!

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Also it sure does burn through SD cards quickly!!!

One thing that frustrates me with the Mavic (I know you have a Hubsan) is the lack of ability to take stills during video. It’s been on cameras since forever.

Indeed - not the ideal method. The frame grabs will never be as good as a still can be. Video is ALWAYS compressed to some extent … stills you have RAW.

Uploading 4k video (to anywhere) is also a really slow process unless you have blistering upload speeds on your internet.
Good for editing purposes, because you can crop in well and still get excellent 1080. That’s what I tend to do.

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Thanks Dave,
Sorry to show my ignorance, but is RAW for photographs & video?

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Nope - it’s a still image only thing (at our level of expenditure! :wink: )

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Senior moment!

Sorry Dave, just reread your post and you do say ‘stills’.


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So what setting do you shoot video’s at?

Agreed, I’ve crossed the Zenmuse X5R and the required CineSSD off my Christmas list :blush:


RAW for video - 4k at even 30FPS - would require data rates that just don’t exist in the hobbyist wordl.

The MP RAWs are >20MB EACH = @ 30fps that’s >600mb/sec! Eeek!


You have access to a different Santa than the one that ever visits me!


Wow Rich!

Just WOW!!! :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Is that something like a RAID of normal SSDs? (being simplistic).