Removing Remote ID (and AeroScope detection) from DJI drones with NoLimitDronez

It’s coming:

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FWIW, I have 10 Aeroscope Mobile that I need to get rid off.

Wanna go halves?

Did you get a price


For the 10

I jest on the price… :blush:

That price was how much a UK outlet quoted me for a fixed AeroScope G8 base station :exploding_head:

The AeroScope Mobile is end of life, waiting for reply from the guy to see if he’ll ship to the UK.

Where I can download mode for disable Drone ID and disable Remote ID?

@BonoUA I don’t think the offering from NLD ever became a reality.

They’ve deleted the blog post that they made in August 2022 :confused:

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What Drone are you using that you want to disable RID

Check out Ciajeepdoors

Yes, I saw it, but this solution can disable only Drone ID, I need disable RID too. Drone Mavic 3, for Ukrainian army.

I see information from NDL in Discord channel. News from 12/28/2022

If its for anything important (ie army) remember the latest Mavic 3 firmware disable the use of JeepDoors to disable Aeroscope bits.

You need older versions and those don’t have remote ID in the first place to worry about.

Also needs to be (i) android device and (ii) specific, older versions of Fly to function.

Pretty sure Ukr will have a centralised group who flash and update these drones before distributing them. At least id hope they do.

Is there anything for removing remote id from an air 3 controlled by rc2 and goggles se? It doesn’t show anything dji specific on device manager com port 3 when plugged into windows, which is the only supported platform for jeep doors, right?

As far as I’m aware there is not I’m afraid to say, we live in hope, :slightly_smiling_face: