Renewing DJI Care Fresh with DJI Care Refresh+ - Degraded Coverage?

I actually got a call from DJI Europe today telling me that my DJI Care Refresh (For my Air2S) was expiring today and did I want to renew now? That was a lie as it doesn’t expire until 2300 tomorrow.

When I pointed this out the young woman backed down immediately and confirmed that the information I supplied was correct. It probably helped that I could tell her that I was looking at the Care Refresh agreement as we spoke.

That led me to look at the details of the renewal and I noticed that it only covers me for one lost aircraft this year, where as the original covered me for two.

So Care Refresh + seems to be a reduced service after your first year, is that right?

You can buy 1 year or 2 year coverage from the off if I recall. If you purchased 1 year and haven’t used it, you can convert it into the 2 year plan.

Never had a plan expire as yet as sold my Mini 2 before it expired and purchased the 2 year on the Mini 3 Pro, so not had to deal with it, but the wording of the FAQ suggests you can’t keep buying it. I guess due to wear and tear and age of product at that point.

"If your DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) has not yet expired, and there is at least one product replacement left, then you can purchase DJI Care Refresh +, which extends your replacement service for one more year as well as prolonging the warranty period of your product.
Since DJI Care Refresh + provides a second year of after-sales services, DJI Care Refresh + cannot be purchased if you already purchased the 2-Year Plan of DJI Care Refresh.

DJI Care Refresh cannot be purchased repeatedly. Each DJI product can only be bound to DJI Care Refresh once. After using the service provided by DJI Care Refresh, if the product’s serial number is changed, the provided product will automatically bind to the original product’s DJI Care Refresh, and the original service and warranty period continues. Therefore, the original unit will no longer have a DJI Care Refresh Plan. Please do not re-purchase DJI Care Refresh for the replacement unit."

Thanks for explaining this, that makes more sense now. It’s reflective of the age of the drone. I guess after two years the best recourse to coverage becomes drone insurance.

Once it goes past the initial period I’d say costs to insure/repair vs brand new should be the deciding factor.

If you’ve never had to call in insurance in 2 years, you might be better saving your money and just buying new should the worst happen, there will likely be a newer better product on the market by that point.

Depends what’s in your fleet.

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If you haven’t claimed in the two years don’t you get a third year for free?

"Rewards for Safe Use

If your product has not used replacement service during the term of validity, an additional 1-year extended warranty service will be provided for your product after the current DJI Care Refresh expires."