Repairing Mavic Pro controller USB charging port

I found another forum the other day and found this video and a link to buy the replacement part for the USB charging port on the left of the controller, its in the USA and costs about £18 plus £10 for postage, didn’t think it was too expensive. I thought it might be useful as I remember a while ago someone was having trouble with it.

This is the eBay link for the part.

Hope it may be of use.


Useful info.

The board can be bought from the UK eBay for £16.27… saving quite a bit.

There are (currently) a few options for UK purchase …


I Googled “dji mavic pro RC button board” and found them easily enough.

(Also moved over to #modifications since it is … kind of … and less likely to get lost in the passage of time.)

Mine is a less snug fit than it used to be. I may do this in the near future! :+1:

Edit: Part ordered! :wink:

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As a discussion thing why are Micro USB ports so shit ?


I’ve never had one go US on me … many phones and other gadgets since they appeared on things many years ago.

The only reason I’m going to change the RC one is that it’s not as snug a fit as it was, and I’d rather it not become loose during a flight.

I think the problem is caused by the fact that the port is rectangular and not the shape of a standard micro USB port, this allows you to attempt to plug in a standard micro USB cable in both ways round, it will fit perfectly the right way round or if you force it in the wrong way round you will break the connector tab in the port.

This is my charging cable which you can see has a rectangular plug (DJI plug), very similar to an original DJI control cable, with a standard USB A on the other end.

And this shows the rectangular DJI plug, which could also be plugged in the wrong way round, but due to fact it looks like an original DJI plug it is obvious which way to plug it in.

This is my control cable which has a DJI plug on one end and a standard micro USB plug on the other, the next photo is a close up of the two plugs

I don’t have an issue with mine but it is useful to know the parts are available and it ia relatively easy fix if need be. Thanks Dave for finding the parts on eBay UK.

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I have gone over to the magnetic charge leads then leave the stub plugged in.


I just stuck a little picture of which way up the USB goes in. Might last a bit longer.

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Magnetic leads are the way to go. I’ve got a few for different devices.
Why risk breaking the port and not being able to fly due to a flat battery, when a simple couple of quid magnetic lead is all you need.

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I agree Brian, I have just about all the connection types I need.
The only ones you have to watch are the Apple type, they sometimes do not work, due to a chip that is in the Apple connection heads, more than happy with the type B & C though.

Ordered the board from China and followed the YouTube videos for the fitting instructions and it worked very well. Now use the magnetic cables and I have had no trouble.


Hi guys, I have magnetic cables for other things, my issue is I use the charging port for connecting my CrystalSky, it keeps everything neat and tidy. you can see from the photos above the plugs are the same shape as the original DJI cables, so it is obvious which way round they go.

My “Bottons” have arrived! :+1:

All I need now is a dreary day … Oh. That was quick!

If it helps for the controller disassembly, post # 7: Titan Atlas antenna mod + car kit