Resolution/pixels for tinterweb

I am about to start putting some of my stuff on vero. My Internet connection is shit, and I mean really shit. What is the lowest resolution I can get away with? I want to show some of my work off so I want it to look half decent, but I dont want to wait an hour to upload one photo, yes it is that shit!!!
Answers on a postcard to the long boat from China please?

It’ll depend if the person is viewing it on a 2" wide smartphone screen or a 27" Mac retina 5K screen.

It’s also a hugely subjective question :slight_smile:

Yeah I get that, I should have stated for people who may have bothered to callibrate monitors and actually care about photography. To be fair most of my stuff is pretty crap and wont be of interest to most people, but a small percent is half decent and I’d like to present it as best as possible. But my upload speed at home 0.7mbs. If I really need to I can drive into town and use my covid inducing 5g hotspot on my phone, but its a pita to be honest

Ouch, that must hurt.

Have considered other options, like mobile or satellite broadband. The latter is common with rural houses.

Yes ive looked into loads. They have cheap adverts but when you contact them the price quadruples. I can get a grant from wee nippy to get other solutions but none of the suppliers operate in my area

“Standard” screen resolution is 72dpi or pixels per inch. A standard full HD screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels, work within those and you should be good

If you can’t get more bandwidth then what you’re looking for isn’t making the images physically smaller but making the file size smaller. Having said that reducing the image size a little is helpful as the vast majority of viewers will not have a huge 4K monitor but it is far more likely they’ll have something more like 1920 x 1080 so aim to reduce the image dimensions to that. Then squash the image.
The best options for near lossless compression will be WebP or JPEG XL. XL will give you significantly smaller file size, you can expect to reduce the typical image size file by about 50%, a big plus is that it also is very good with more complex images.