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Hi I currently use the free versuion of Resolve 18.6, most of my videos are under 5 min so the longer rendering time is not really an issue. I have found that with complex projects Resolve struugles a bit to display the clips in real time, my PC is quite well specified i7 Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB C , 2 X 4 TB Raid , 16 GB RAM, 1660 GTX graphics card. Long term storage on a Synology Rack Station 12TB usable. My question is does Studio use the GPU to show the timeline whist editing or only the final rendering ?


the free version does not use your graphics card only the cpu , not until you buy the studio version will it use the gpu , I had the same issue you have , the computer was struggling despite it being an i9 64gb a 3090ti card , the difference now is night and day .For me it was worth the 255 pounds to upgrade .Hope that helps .

If you do decide to upgrade, give serious consideration to getting the Speed Editor … £325, but comes with a Studio activation key.


It makes a lot of the routine things very much easier/quicker.

I got my Studio license that way when the Speed Editor first came out, and it was then the same price as Studio on it’s own … so it was a no brainer.

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My understanding, is that when it comes to editing - free vs studio are exactly the same (unless you have multiple GPUs).

Certainly, my GPU seems to get spooled up when I am editing videos.

The only time a single GPU will make a difference free vs studio is if you are encoding H.265?

That being said… rendering a H.264 video on my PC only seems to use my GPU around 25% whereas my CPU is at 90%. Regardless, it still only takes around 2 minutes to render a 3 min video.

I don’t think that is quite the case.
The free versions will only let you use one GPU, but the paid version will utilise multiple GPUs if you have them.

According to Blackmagic the free version onlu uses CPU not GPU, the studio version also alows multiple GPU’s

It’s so long since I’ve used free, even on my dual GPU laptop of significant age, I don’t recall exactly what happened back then.

On a single GPU computer, I think (!) the “CPU only” refers only to the rendering/encoding … and during other editing/grading etc., it will use the primary GPU.

I also seem to recall that if you have a dual GPU, you can specify which GPU it will use for those functions where it can use a GPU. This is somewhere in Windows, not within DR, where you can allocate which GPU a program will prioritise. I certainly recall doing that - but I don’t recall how or where.

Another cool feature is the voice isolation (Ai) I have quite a bit of footage of my son’s taken on Video8 from years ago and as well as drone video editing I’m looking to do some editing there. The only thing I can’t find out - does studio use GPU to render the timeline as you work on it.

I think the things that are unavailable in the Free version are (mainly) those that most require the GPU … al the Neural functions, noise reduction and other processing intensive activities. For this reason I think you can be confident that DR Studio makes the greatest use of all hardware available in the system.

Don’t forget that DR Studio is aimed at the most intensive production work - and it wouldn’t make any sense to bottle-neck things unnecessarily.

I can confirm that works amazingly well.

I had a French video that I wanted to watch that actually had rendered French subtitles (rather than a separate subtitle text file).
I was able to isolate the speech well enough to use DR’s text to caption functions, then export as a French subtitle text file.
I then used GPChat to translate to English whilst maintaining the subtitle block and timing structure.
That was then imported to DR and added as a subtitle that enabled me to watch, and understand, quite easily.

Edit: …

I’d add that over Christmas my friends and I were watching a YouTube vid that had YT generated captions.

It’s inability to understand a strong Geordie accent … or even conform to English grammar, or understand the differences between there/their, to/too/two, etc., was quite entertaining,
I downloaded the video and had DR create subtitles. Perfect it wasn’t - but it was a shit load more accurate. (… and less entertaining.)

heck my pc is 2018 i have a amd 2600x cpu along with a RX580 8GB 32gb ram lol and i run davinci free and dont get why people “render” there isnt a need to just use the proxy gen then use them to show the footage on the timeline and u can scrubb through footage lowering the project setting helps too cause you only need the preive in 720p and the when u export the settings use the orignal files etc so wont lose a thing.

In case DR users don’t spot it, there is a totally legit Studio Key being sold by a member at a good price, here …

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