Return to Home proving rather slow :-)

Well, I was doing a lovely shot pulling backwards from my office building, and, just too late, I realised I was flying backwards into the branches of a tree. :frowning: Still, I did manage to get three flights of my new drone before crashing it…

So it’s now on the way back to the Netherlands, but, in case it’s useful to set anybody’s expectations, I should mention that UPS picked it up two weeks ago and it hasn’t arrived there yet, let alone been repaired and come back to me. So the DJI Care option is good, but not speedy. At least in a post-Brexit and Covid world.

Perhaps I should get a second one as a backup, then I could always have one flying and one in transit. :slight_smile:


Thread title … I see what you did there. :wink: :+1:


I ship parts in and out of Europe all the time and the UPS delays are not uncommon at the moment.

The whole post Brexit thing is a mess.

(Not being political Al all, just stating the facts)


That has to be very frustrating. I for one do not possess the patience of a saint and would need to increase my medication to refrain from acting out like a demonically possessed crack addict if I was waiting that long.

In contrast the only drone out of my collection I’ve had to return to the manufacturer was my PowerEgg X. Also please note I am not the original owner and that I bought this off eBay.

The issue was that it was not detecting the arms and so would not recognise it was in drone mode. I contacted Powervision and explained the issue and that I was not the original purchaser. They replied saying no problem and that they would send me a replacement set off arms, motors, and props. However, 30 minutes later they sent another email saying they were going to replace the whole thing, which was the complete Wizard package with all the waterproof accessories and extra batteries. They also included prepaid DHL express shipping labels. The following day DHL arrived and picked up the package for its onward journey to Finland (HQ of Powervision Europe).

One working week later, including weekends, I received a brand new PowerEgg X Wizard package, but also included was an optional tripod for when using AI Camera Mode, loads of extra propellers, and a two year unlimited crash warranty for the inconvenience of being without the drone for a week.

What was the biggest surprise was I got this level of service even though I was not the original purchaser, rather that it was a YouTube reviewer whom after the review put it on eBay, where I bought it.


Sorry you crashed @quentinsf :confused:

Which drone was it?

PowerEgg X

Why did he send it to DJI for repair? :thinking:

Sorry, it was Nidge with the boiled egg!


Mine was a Mini 2.


I’m trying to watch the match and read/type this, can’t multi task, got no fallopian tubes! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I have written elsewhere this morning about this subject, but I sent my Mini 1 back on 21st January and it never arrived in Holland until about 15th Feb!! Stuck in London due to Brexit issues. Once received by DJI, I had the replacement in 3 days, so the problem is not with DJI.

I have no patience so this post and ones like this just make me fly even more careful. Just had to wait 3 weeks for some prob guards i was losing my rag at that

It’s to for nothing that UPS means “Useless Parcel Service.”

Aha! Just seen that my drone arrived at DJI on Friday, so it took just under 3 weeks to get to them. “Brexit-related delays.” Ah, how I love Brexit…

Of course, perhaps we Brits are just crashing too often and they want to provide a disincentive :slight_smile:

Let’s see how quickly it comes back!


Quick response once it got there: they’re sending me a replacement.

For those interested, this costs £45 under DJI care and would cost £79+VAT+shipping without.