Returning to Filmora

After being a user of Filmora for a few years, I jumped across to Premier Pro; the cost per month is quite expensive, and I stuck with it for two years; after receiving an email for a trial of Filmora 13, I delved into it and was amazed how they have developed it over the last few years, it is a lot more user friendly and easy to use and a lifetime license for £69 versus £21.98 per month, after looking and testing all the new features including AI stabilization, it was a no brainer to cancel Premier Pro, give it a try.


Hi. I bought Filmora back in the day, when you could actually download the software. A few years ago those users who had purchased the software (before the subscription malarky) were upgraded to a lifetime licence, happy days!

I agree, version 13 is pretty good and does everything that I need (at the moment, that is).

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or use davinci resolve its free :slight_smile:


I have a lifetime licence for Filmora 12 but Wondershare will not update it with latest features.

I dumped it for the Free version of Davinci Resolve, which is light years ahead of Filmora (at least its version 12 that is) . Never been tempted by Premier Pro though.

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I bought Filmora lifetime license back in 2017 when it was version 7.

I get free upgrades to all the new versions although haven’t tried many between 7 and the most recent 13.

Moved to premiere pro as Filmora was a bit basic back then.

Tried Davinci Resolve which is an incredibly powerful software but I kept hitting the paywall for studio version. Specifically there is no manual lens correction in the free version and it didn’t support the 10bit log file I was working with.

I did contemplate buying studio but Ifor what I need it for it would be a waste.

Recently downloaded Filmora 13 which is excellent. Can edit the 10bit UHD log files I’ve struggled with on other software and it’s came on leaps and bounds in terms of the interface.

Motion tracking, colour wheels, scopes, auto beat marking are all great additions.

It’s never going to be a Davinci Resolve alternative if you are into fusion or other advanced features but it’s excellent for what it is.


Never tried Davinci to be honest maybe I should eh! Filmora 13 I have too say is really good though @D0c.Col

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If Premiere Pro is overkill then the free version of Adobe Rush might be useful for some folk for a try. The paid version includes access to music and pre-made titles, but for basic editing the free version should meet most basic needs.