Revisiting some old pics with Luminar 4

Upgraded to Luminar 4 and having a play with auto sky replacement. Does a pretty good job.

Quick test with few jpeg images from MP and M2P using only sky replacment tool. I personally thought it might have struggled with the wind turbines.


This is crazy…

I’m never going to believe a single photo anyone enters to a Challenge ever again :rofl:


I must admit, I do have a problem with photos that have been ‘shopped’ not just tweaked for colour and brightness for example. However, I try to look at it as artistry. Someone who has ‘shopped’ a photo is using a palette of tools and colours to produce something visually beautiful rather like a painter who takes a blank canvas and puts into the picture a little bit of his self, so the photographer uses tools on his/her computer to take a fairly bland photo and put a little bit of their self creating a stunning work of art. The old days of ‘dodging and burning’ in the dark room to enhance photos are long gone, this is modern equivalent.
Slightly off subject, I was lucky,many many years ago to do some work for a lovely old lady at ‘Fairy Dell’ a house where 2 naughty little girls took a photo showing fairies at the bottom of the garden, this photo fooled even the great Arthur Conan Doyle who declared them to be genuine. The old lady was the little girl who fooled the world until just prior to her death she admitted how she and her sister had faked the photos.

Them results are bloody impressive Callum !.
Does Luminar 4 run in 32 bit? or 64 bit?

Think its x64 only mate.

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oh poo, time to have dual boot, me thinks, got a spare SSD.

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