Rhys the Irish Wolfhound - Fetch - Yeah sure

Rhys our previous Irish Wolfhound sadly no longer with us. Wolfhounds have their own special rules for playing fetch - you threw it you fetch it :man_shrugging: :laughing:


Such a lovely dog John, so sorry he’s no longer with you :cry:

He looks quite at home and content there in his natural environment :blush:

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He went way too young. Was quite a special boy - very different from the lunatic we have now :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Very calm dogs, we had two, one lasted 9 years, the second 11 years. Like yourself, we also have a mad dog now, insane golden cocker spaniel. Mad and fast, the wolfhounds were quite different.
I think we would like another when the time comes!

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Have one asleep at my feet as we sleep.

All should be called Knobhead.

Our previous Wolfhounds have all been calm easy going giants - the one we have now is an absolute nutter - completely different from all the others. I’ve used the old saying many times - you get the dog you need not the dog you want. Now know this is total bollocks - last thing I need at my age is a 65 kg lunatic pup :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Nice looking dog.
Lovely dogs if you can ignore the every day comments such as ‘is that a horse?’, ‘where’s the saddle?’, ‘how much does that cost to feed?’ etc etc. LOL
The over sized bitch we had was very protective of our young child, not in an aggressive way but more like a nanny.
Most other dogs were terrified of her and often had a pop but she took it all in her stride.
We even had screaming children being picked up by their worried parents when they seen her from afar.
In truth she wouldn’t have hurt a fly.
A special breed for special owners.

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There is no doubt they are a very special breed :+1: :+1: :+1:

Many years ago we were on holiday in the Lake District walking around one of the lakes with our first Wolfhound. We met a Japanese family coming the other way. As soon as they saw Gelert they ran into the woods screaming “Bear Bear”. Fortunately my wife is fluent in Japanese and managed to talk them back. All ended well with their kids hanging round his neck having photos - they are definitely a special breed … :grinning:

Wheb people pluck up the courage to approach Dogzilla and me I tell them that the dog is in no way vicious or unpredictable.

Unlike the owner …

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