Ribblehead Viaduct M2 zoom


Your not going to like me for this, so I hope you don’t take umbridge BUT, the viaduct is a lot bigger than the 5-6 arches that we see. I was looking forward to you flying under the arch but half way there you had a fuzzy disolve, to the same shot. I applaud your putting this up and hope we are still friends :grinning:

Not at all I’m always open for constructive criticism anything that helps improve my video making not a problem

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Nice location, nice video, nice music.

What software do you use for editing?

Final cut that’s was only my second go at editing
Use a m2 zoom ND 16 filter and smart controller

Nice one. I currently have a pc, so I am afraid I cannot see Do you colour correct the videos? I was using D-Conelike, but then I had quite a lot of work to do, and the results are not great. So just been curious

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Yes I have been trying out colour correction I have been using Final Cut Pro with a LUT it’s just trial and error at the minute as I’m getting to grips with the software but getting there slowly

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I think us PC users are missing something with final cut.

As with all things Mac, it just works. Although LUTs natively is a very new thing, in the past you’ve had to use a third party manager/loader.

And it still does not have a built in adjustment layer :frowning:


Very nice footage and editing! And suitably dramatic music for such a grand structure🙂

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Thanks for you kind words

Hi great video of the viaduct I visited one as well using mavic mini
please take a look below

let me know what you think sorry no music like yours and not as long

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