Riber Castle matlock Derbyshire

Anyone flew over riber Castle?

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Loads apparently, looks a nice spot


Wanting to know where people are taking off from

I’ve seen it before on the urbex sites.

If it was me I’d walk right up to it, or as close as you can to the fence line.

Watch out for lazy shouty security


Very naughty but the old geezer over reacted abit

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I’ve fancied going up there myself, as it’s local. There’s a public footpath that runs very close. I was thinking of trying to find somewhere to park in Starkholmes.

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I went up two weeks ago drove car to top and walked round to front with no issues. parked on riber road outside wildlife sculptures…

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Make sure you ring the Low Flying Safety Cell before flying round here. We regularly get very low miltary stuff from Hercules to Apaches bombing around. Well below 400ft.

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Used to be a zoo went there a few times, now private owners.

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