Richmond Park on a warm Autumn day

This is my first time posting a video here.

It was such a nice day in the park. The large herd of deer was an extra bonus. And no, the deers were filmed with a good old fashioned camera. :slight_smile:


Is this the designated flying field area at Richmond Park?

Yes it is. Quite conveniently located close to Sawyers Hill.

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Great stuff…. I want to visit there at some point :+1:

Before the snow melts, perhaps?

Richmond Park is a Royal Park and you are not allowed to fly any aircraft in Royal Parks, as I found recently when flying in Greenwich Park.

@Photobird Richmond Park has a dedicated drone flying area:

Other Royal Parks may have similar areas.

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As @PingSpike mentioned Richmond is the only Royal Park allows drone flights in a certain area of the park itself. I’m looking forward to getting down there soon myself.

There is only one area as mentioned just south of sawyers hill that’s clearly marked where the boundary of the field is. You’ll see a bench and a notice board in the middle of the field.

I was just repeating what I was told by the police officer who spoke to me when I was flying my drone in Greenwich Park. However, he was Mets and not Royal Parks police, which may explain why he told me porkies!

Sorry you had a run in with the police. As far as I’m aware, the flying field in RP is the only officially sanctioned, no consent necessary, drone flying location in any park in London (provided no deers are in the area).

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The Royal Parks Constabulary are now policing history. They were disbanded in 2004 and officers were transferred in to the Metropolitan Police’s new Parks Operational Command Unit.

Didn’t know that! I’m really getting my education updated re the Metrolops​:grinning::man_pilot:

I have flown twice in Richmond park but it’s quite a small area & am now looking for other areas in & around London.
Any ideas?

As far as I’m aware, London is very restricted. I’d love to know if you found any.

It might be an idea to have applied this context to your original post to ensure it’s not going to be misinterpreted.