Rickneys Quarry, Hertford

Old Hanson quarry on the edge of London. Perfect for practise flying. Even fenced off to keep the dog walkers at a safe distance!

There’s two sides - one looks like a field, the other is the gravel pit. Fly in the GP.

Strictly speaking land owner permission is needed but there is no one there. And nobody cares. Its a super safe spot.

Park up in Salcombe Road ( a layby in the woods) and walk down.

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Thanks Weicon - just up the road from me too!

this is how I found out about it!

I managed to fly the quarry earlier this week with my mate - quite an interesting place. There’s lots of warning/danger signs, but we were easily able to find a launch zone adjacent to the quarry and got some good video and photos of the structures left behind to nature and graffiti artist. I have also never seen so many people walking their dogs in one place!

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If you’ve got ten minutes @stubbyd please drop a pin on Drone Scene showing where people could park or take off from :+1:t2:

The best place to park is the Waterford Heath Nature reserve car park on Vicarage Lane, then its a 10-15 minute walk north east to the Quarry. The quarry is well away from the nature reserve and does not show up on drone assist as a NFZ.

erm, not me Guv :slight_smile:

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Sorry @stubbyd I’ve no idea where that came from :man_facepalming:

I did of course mean @Ted_Maul :blush:

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theres a couple of muddy laybys on Salcombe Road, right by the footpath. Then its just a two minute walk down the hill