Rimrose Valley - Merseyside

Hello , I fly a mm and I have started making videos, please have a mooch and like and sub that would be fantastic.


Nice add @StickyFloyd, where is Rimrose Valley?

In sefton Merseyside it forms a border with crosby and litherland. The Leeds and Liverpool canal are on its Eastern edge.

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Cheers , I’ve edited the title to let folks know :wink:

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Can see my house !! Are you local to Rimrose valley? My Nan is an avid campaigner to save this belt of Greenland !!


I keep meaning to take a flight above it and take some snaps for her before they inevitably stick a duel carriageway through the middle !

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Hello Man,

Yeah I live around the corner, its great spot and a great shame if it all goes through, pardon the pun :wink:

You local to it?

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Didnt read post properly lol :slight_smile:

Might see you about one day :+1: