Road Trip Greece 2022

Used my Mavic Air 2 as a integral part of the storytelling process on this road trip. Athens, Thermopylae, Meteora, Missolonghi, Epidavros, Paros. Did my EASA A1/A3 license via Cyprus Authority. You have to be careful flying at Meteora… you can look up flight areas on Greek civil aviation site similar to drone scene. Awesome Trip. Flying from a boat is always tricky. Haha.


Wow, what a great vlog.


Thanks. As you can imagine it was fun to do…

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What a superb video… great holiday… :heart:

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Well done, Jay. Another corker :clap: Great story telling, which is what makes a great video :+1:

Thank you. What a place to fly a drone. :ok_hand:

Kids are getting older, holidays few and far between.
Thought I’d make an effort. Thank you.

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fab trip and great info for future hols, many thanks

Thanks. T’was great fun to do.

Great to watch mate :+1:t3:

Excellent video and a lesson in how to make a good one; use different formats, video, photos, drone shots, narration to camera - works really well.

Thanks for your comment . :+1:

Great Video Brought back great memories of my own trip around Greece.

Glad to hear that. Cheers.