RTF Competition - Moving Water - Winners Announced!

So here we have the poll. If anyone feels that the wrong picture has been included or not included or a video is missing - tough! we will be seeking your opinions regarding multiple entries again, some seem to use it as an alternative to making their own choice for the best image. But let’s go forward with the cheery illusion that the committee have extracted the exact images from this sprawling thread that the contestants intended to enter.

All GADC members are invited to vote for one, all, none or some of the images, both moving and still (we have a good crop of videos this week). Voting ends on Monday 21st November at 22:00.



Some really good pictures here.

I’ll second that, looks much tidier too than the previous post, makes them all look completely different again for the better!

:thinking: They are all good photos, very hard to say which is better / best… :heart: :heart:

I don’t think I’ve every voted for so many separate images before, well done everyone.


Echoing the sentiments posted above - there are some great photos here but, as always, you have had the hard task of finding the winners amongst so many excellent pictures. And for this round of the RTF competition they are - in third place @clinkadink with a great shot of Warleigh Weir, Bath in late afternoon.

Warleigh Weir, Bath

You were only just beaten into third Chris by @JoeC who put an ND64on his camera to slow the shutter speed on what was already a dull winter’s day. His Mini3 Pro coped admirably with the long exposure to produce this second place winning shot.

Dalcairney Falls, South Ayrshire

And the best of the best - this sunny waterfall shielded by trees by @Kings, who we are fairly certain is a first time winner and may even be a first time entrant. A great picture Jim, especially when viewed full screen!

Goit Stock Waterfall

Well done to everyone who managed to get pictures this time, especially as the bulk of Moving Water seemed to be coming from the sky , at all kinds of angle due to the unpleasant winds. Lets hope the weather is kinder for the current subject - Canals. You can enter here :slight_smile:


Well done @Kings :1st_place_medal: and @JoeC :2nd_place_medal: for the gorgeous edits :clap::clap::clap: … and all the other entries. This comp had some of the best edits I’ve seen in a long time. Really good fun :+1:


Well done guys :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Well done guys, great pics! :+1:


Thanks Chris, I thought yours was a particularly stunning entry. Gorgeous colours and a cracking reflection. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for another fun competition. Brilliant entries all round :slight_smile:


A big thank you for all for the votes, very much appreciated, this is my first time as an entrant so will put this down to beginners luck as a first time winner.

Some really great entries to compete against which makes it even more fun.

clinkadink that pic of yours was superb, a lot of detail going on :+1:t3:

Now for the next challenge which already has some awesome entries.

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Well done guys and to all the other entrants who strived to get some brilliant compositions. :clap: Worthy winners indeed.


Well done the winners, well deserved. Well done to all entrants, I found this one really difficult to pick from as all good. :clap: :clap:


Congrats to all - great submissions :clap: :clap: :clap:


Brilliant pictures there guys… All three are fantastic…

Well done to all, particularly the winners, great shots.

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