RTF Competition - New Season from September 10th

The RTF competitions will restart from 22:00 Saturday 10th September 2022

All previous competitors are welcome, all new contestants are equally welcome!

What are they?

There is a pool of subjects in a spreadsheet - chosen by you. Every fortnight three are chosen at random by a simple formula. Further subject suggestions can be made here.

The three potential subjects are voted on - by you. The winning subject is announced and you have two weeks to illustrate it. All pictures are entered into a poll. You and your colleagues vote for the best.

There are no prizes other than bragging rights. There are no sarcastic Birthday Challenge judges. There are no tricky bonus items to find. The Challenges Committee provide the framework for the competition and do the behind the scenes grunt work to ensure the pollls get created on time. Other than that - it’s your competition.

If you are finding it a little difficult to find inspiration then why not try the fortnightly Reason To Fly!


I’ll actually miss them :pensive:
Some comments on the birthday challenges have made me leak a little :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I always swerve these as I do not think mine are good enough - but unless you try and fail you will never improve…

So let’s give it a go…

You do yourself a disservice, get out and get some pics!!!

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It’s a fun thing Ian, You may occasionally get a subject that takes you out of your comfort zone but each fortnights’s competition is a different subject with a lot of familiar people offering encouragement and support. And no pesky spreadsheets to keep checking! :slight_smile: