RTF Competition - Sunday 6th to Saturday 19th November - Subject Announced


The mighty Randomizer™ has finished its run and for the first time in days the Chall Com bunker has fallen silent, save for the whimpering of the duty operatives. The Randomizer™ has selected three distinctly different topics for you to choose from, two of which have been potential competition subjects in the past.

In keeping with Chall Com’s green policy we have therefore re-used two of the illustrations that had graced previous polls thus saving two-thirds of the freelance graphic artists’ bill for this round of RTF.

We would love to pass such savings on to you, the competitors, but unfortunately cannot find any cost-effective mechanism for doing so. Instead we decided to generate a feeling of warmth and love in each of you by sharing a picture of the expansive and expensive meal we enjoyed while deciding how best to utilise the savings …

And now to the poll - vote for one of these to be the subject for the RTF completion beginning on Sunday, November 6th:

The result will be shown from 22:00 Saturday November 5th and the new competition will start at 00.01 on Sunday 6th.

The new competition - Moving Water - is here