RTF Competition Sunday 6th to Saturday November 19th - Moving Water

Just my luck! Moving water subject a day after I get back from a weeks holiday in the Dales… waterfall city! :rofl::rofl:

Like these of Janets Foss and Gordale Scar. :sleepy:

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Lots of small branches flying there, I suspect

Looked like a nice place, even if it wasn’t a drone :slight_smile:

@DroneGeek Yeh, I didn’t use the drone at Janet’s Foss, but I did at Gordale Scar. Will knock out a video soon :+1:GC was awsome & eerie and I tried to do a side parallax but as I was close to the cliff faces I guessed the angle of flight and got it wrong! We were going to scramble up the fall but river was in spate and too wet for the girls! :roll_eyes:

Did you see the monster? :laughing:

@Earwig. Witcher one? :rofl::rofl:

Scaleber Force (also known as Scaleber Foss and Scaleber Waterfall), is a 40-foot (12 m) high waterfall on Stockdale Beck, later the Long Preston Beck, that feeds into the River Ribble between Settle and Long Preston in North Yorkshire. The waterfall is the result of geological faulting (part of the South Craven Fault) and is a popular tourist attraction.

Taken 7th November 2022 around 14:30 with the Mini 3 Pro. No drone scene entry as one exists.


Purely on Thames / mapledurham house & mill
Mavic air 2
Around 12.11
Was up against 40 mph gusts

Other photos not entries


Thames river caversham reading
Mavic air 2
14-00 hours ish
Very windy gusts,never ever done a video before so please excuse the errors and my MacBook is on its way out !!!

I liked your 3rd photo. Make it an entry :wink:

Seconded !

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Water turbine Thames caversham reading
Mavic air 2
14-00 ish


Entry is this one.

Other pics taken at the same location.


The next round of the RTF competition is in a week’s time - vote for the subject here :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if this qualifies as was about the only picture I took with the drone that could probably quality as “obviously taken with a drone” Lots of trees making it obstacle avoidance hell.

Location: Slitting Mill Waterfall, Rugely, West Midlands.
Aircraft: DJI Mini 3 Pro
Taken: Today 12:20ish. ND64 filter applied. Using Fly App V1.8.0 I used pro mode to manually set the ISO to 100, and left shutter speed and white balance to auto.

Drone Scene Entry:


@firstadekit. I was going there Ade as the only falls in our area but time got the better of me. :+1: Beat me too it… again! :rofl:

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  • Location: Warleigh Weir, Bath
  • Time and date: 13 November 2022, 4 pm
  • Aircraft used: Mini 3 Pro
  • Drone Scene: Link

Warleigh Weir has been a popular swimming spot for over 100 years. Located a few miles from Bath and in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

In 2017 the site developed a major issue around parking, litter and anti-social behaviour. This triggered local businessperson and activist Johnny Palmer to purchase the river island and adjacent land to promote the sustainable use of the countryside. He subsequently setup the “Warleigh Weir Project” whose goal is to promote positive use of the site, maintain access and resolve the various issues with the site.


Entry #4 water turbine on the Thames reading which I’m choosing over entries 2 & 3
Mavic air 2
14 hour ish
I’ve already added this to drone scene


Given the size of the turbines in your earlier shot, they’re moving at a hell of a lick. I’m honestly astonished they aren’t covered over. :open_mouth:

It is dangerous , surprised they’re not !