RTH rotation testing, does your DJIMini2 aim at the home point on RTH?

I have a friend who’s Mini2 always returns sideways when he activates RTH So I tested mine, see video and yes mine does rotate to aim at the home point.

I did this as I have a friend who’s Mini2 always returns at 90 degrees to the home point which is a bit strange so I though I would test mine to see what it does and as you can see it always turns to aim at the home point. See link to their video on my video description.

I have tried it twice in this video to confirm. Interesting how in one it rotates anticlockwise but on the second test it rotates clockwise.

Does your mini2 aim at home or does it return sideways?

Hi comedyhunter,

I can confirm that my Mini 2 does return to home facing forwards towards the home position after activating RTH.

Although after watching flyers that are a lot more creative than me on YouTube etc, and noting their suggestions, I have rotated the drone through 90 degrees on it’s way home to get the extra footage (straight line of travel) of whatever is down below such as shoreline. Or even backwards showing the backwards return view :smiley:

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I have used the manual control as a sort of auto pilot but the problem my friend has is its doing this :Mini 2 Return to Home Problem Solved? / DJI Mini 2 Drone Returning Home Sideways? / IMU Calibration - YouTube

The main reasons they face “home” during RTH is so that the obstacle avoidance has a chance of working.

Have a look at the best example of this in serious action!

(looks for @colinbm’s duty example :wink: )

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yes which is why its odd that my friends mini2 is not doing that …

Well - of course - there’s only any sense for it to look forwards if it actually HAS obstacle avoidance … which the Mini 2 doesn’t. :wink:


… from here.


yes I was going to say we dont have OA but it still dont make sense why it doesnt aim towards home, very odd.