Rudyard Lake North End

Not been on with anything in a while, weather an all, but seized the day to get this


Great video mate, loving that. :heart_eyes: Musics good too, I’ve used that one a few times in mine. :ok_hand:

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Love the reflections and shadows of the trees :grinning:

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Loved that Mark, Well done !!.

Thanks @chrisjohnbaker :+1:

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What a lovely spot to fly - you caught it really well, super smooth. Big thumbs up

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Great video Mark very professional.

Wow thanks Barry really appreciate the feedback , practicing hard over next few weeks weather dependent, hope all is going well for you have to catch up with a call soon


Very nice video,good phototography and well edited . Well done mate!

Thanks for your feedback @rogerj appreciated come a long way since early videos :+1:

Great footage mate smooth as silk well done

Many thanks @dronefocus

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