Rule of thumb for parks?

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently purchased a secondhand Inspire 2 and to get DJI refresh I need to record a video of it doing a few flight manoeuvres and flying 120m vertically and 200m out.

Easy enough, hard part is finding a place to fly. I’m based near Heathrow and the local council have banned the use of “aircraft” in parks. Found out the Richmond Park flying field has a 60m radius we’re allowed to fly in and there is a CAT D restriction there for 150m max height, not risking it flying at 120m.

I have found a park nearby that isn’t within any FRZ, it’s roughly 500m long and 100m and I cannot find any council bylaws or rules that say you cannot fly a drone there. My plan was to go during the week at an off-peak time like 10:30 in the morning.

Asking about a rule of thumb to help others and myself find more places we can fly our drones. In this case, does it seem like a good place to fly? I don’t want to email the council for them to ban the use of drones. As a rule of thumb, if it’s outside any FRZ and no council bylaws or restrictions, is it safe to fly there?

Will stick to the drone code and bring an operator with me just in case there are any dog walkers or local council workers and if all goes well I’ll add it to Drone Scene :+1:.

Keen to find as many locations as I can for us London folk to fly in :sunglasses:.

Have you done your online test and abtined an oppeators ID yet ?
If so your next stage is to read the drone code.
The first part which suggests that you have not done your online test is that the maximum height that you are allowed is actually 400 feet so 150m would exceed that and you woul in fact be breaking the CCA height regulation.
Minimum take off distance and landing from uninvolved people is 30m whilst maintaining a 50m distance whilst in flight, it does not matter who is with you.

Yes, I have my operator ID, flyers ID and hold a valid PfCO.

There is CAT D airspace above Richmond Park in the flying field that starts at 150m. I mention that as a reason not to do the flight test there as there would only be a 30m barrier between me and the CAT D airspace.

I believe the park will be a suitable location at the off peak time as there will likely be no one around. Being 100m wide it will be ample distance from the roads next to the park. I will need my operator to do the filming for the warranty and I will maintain VLOS on the drone.

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Hi mate, if you are PFCO you are more qualified than me to do the flight and answers.
If you add to your profile that you are PFCO and that way m,embers on here will see this when you post.


Where are you based?

Thank you. I think it’s good to challenge, better to check twice before flying if there is uncertainty about the location👍

I’m based near Heathrow Airport.

In your post asking for locations to fly, think this would be a good one yet would err on the side of caution as it will get busy on the weekend. I’ll DM you the details.

Nothing about that mentioned in TRP’s "Policy on the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the Royal Parks".

I would go at a quiet time with few people around and crack on with it. Recreational areas fall under the definition of “congested area” in the ANO, but I’d use judgement and fly if it wasn’t being used much for recreation at the time of flying. Assuming you’re also 150m from housing, of course.


Before I went there I watched a few videos and there used to be a big placard with the rules of the flying field. The two big ones were to be insured up to £5,000,000 and to not fly past 60 meters.

Presently, the sign isn’t there. The field has different paths that crudely define the area, lots of people walking around and deer - flying 200m out in the flying area isn’t in my comfort zone, may be for others.

Lots of interesting clips online where people have flown beyond the flying field and captured spectacular footage.

Spot on with that. My plan is exactly that, go at an off-peak time during the week to ensure it’s as quiet as possible. Using judgement if it is busy and to fly elsewhere. Found out there is a large forrest area to the North of the park, the plan will be to take off from the there, well and truly away from houses are the carpark (400m) and do the 200m flight for DJI over the forrest.