Salmonsbury Camp - One of Europe's first known settlements

I am in the heart of the Cotswolds, just outside Bourton-on-the-Water :heart_eyes: And take a walk through a 6000 year old settlement called Salmonsbury Camp. And as a special treat, I view my first ever Iron Age Roundhouse :scream: and visit the location where they discovered a skeleton in 2014.

I hope you enjoy it :+1:


Didn’t know this was there. Love Bourton-on-the-water. Lovely place. Gets a bit too packed full of tourists in the summer though.

Yes, a pretty town for sure. I went on a Sunday, when the farmers market was on. It was still quite busy then. Mind you, Salmonsbury Camp at Greystones Farm is on the outskirts. I only saw about half a dozen people in the time I was there.

Really makes you imagine the lives of the people around all those years ago … the rebuilt des res and the drone shots bring it to life,
Well done!

Thanks Clive. The reconstructed roundhouse is a nice touch. They spent quite a bit of time on that. Shame it wasn’t open to visitors. Apparently, it’s volunteer run, and since COVID, it has been closed. Many thanks for the kind comments :+1:

Another interesting and fascinating video. It was quite hard to gauge the size of the original hillfort as most traces seem to have gone. Am I right that the reconstructed dwelling area is just one small corner of the original site? Thanks again.

Many thanks, Les.

Over the last 1500 years, much of the hillfort’s ditches are long gone due to farming over the past 1500 years.

From what I can tell, today’s roundhouse would be about here back in the day.


Great video - thanks!

Thanks Ian. Glad you liked it :+1: