Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Yorkshire Coast

Fresh from the family holiday, here’s a video I put together of the lovely beach and pier at Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

As a Brucie-bonus, this video features footage of yours truly stood looking awkward on a beach at 4.45am… :joy:


Nicely done. I grew up in Saltburn (many years ago) so it was great to see this. Cheers.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Not a bad spot to grow up in!

We’ll definitely be back again (although the 5+ hour journey back to Norfolk with a tired 1 year old was a bit of an experience…)

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You’ve really captured some beautiful light there - great video :clap: :clap: :clap:

Its a great place, I was working a few miles up country and specifically drove to see the peer. It was before I had a drone but the next time I work in that direction I will be there drone in bag. Its a stunning beach and some wonderful Fish and Chips plus the chance to ride up and down on the Cliff Tramway


Lovely shots. Sadly the cliff lift is out of action at the moment due to COVID, but hopefully we’ll get to try it out on our next visit.

I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the various trips up and down the steps between beach and town!

I enjoyed your visit and thanks for putting it on my list of places to visit.

Great flying in various conditions methinks.