Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra pics

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and DJI OM5 gimbal.
Out for a walk with the family and tried the OM5 for the first time.
Pretty impressed with the result of the pics.


Nice photos, is that on Dartmoor?

Yes its at Bellever Forrest. Really nice place to visit

I went there as a kid for a week camp.

I suppose im quite lucky cos its only about 15 minutes from my house

Which lens did you use, choice of three… one is much better than than the others… Ta

Hmm not sure, just had it on auto I think

EXIF Viewer shows the aperture as f1.8 on all of them, so probably the main rear camera. Nice shots. I’ve just got a Pixel 7 Pro which looks promising. A friend has just got one of the older gimbals. I’m not sure what it could add for stills, but video I understand.

[quote=“Ninjaking, post:7, topic:54599”]
just had it on auto I think
[/quote]Try a same shot switching between the three cameras, you see in your third pic the size is much bigger, I guess it went for the optimum camera lens for that one, I think it’s the middle lens, medium angle… best try all three, I use the zoom one most as it suits what I take. Cheers.

Its got three, that was the question, which one did he select… ta

The main rear camera as I said, which is 23mm equivalent f1.8 for all the shots.
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