Sandcastle waterpark to Blackpool Tower

Reframed 360 video filmed with Insta 360 One X2 mounted on my Bogist C1 Pro scooter.


Great video Phil - these 360 cameras are great. I’ve just invested in a One RS and just getting to grips with it trying to video our idiot Wolfhound pup.

When you reframe do you do it on the One X2 or do you download the video into Insta Studio on a computer ?? I’m finding it a little fiddly to reframe on the One RS because of the touch screen and my podgy fingers :man_facepalming: :smile:

Thank you.

Yep I don’t bother with the touchscreen, if the One RS screen is the same as the X2 it is very twitchy, I use the phone app to set everything up and edit in Insta Studio on my laptop, you can use Insta Studio on your phone or tablet, again I just find it easier to remove the SD card and do it on computer.

Thanks for the reply John - I find the screen the same on the RS - thought it was me. I started by using the screen and it does work but involves a little technique to get the best from it. Will persevere with the screen but also use the Studio option in order to get some finished reframed videos. Great piece of kit though :+1: :+1: :+1:

I think what makes the screen on the X2 worse is it being small and round instead of square, just not natural.

I thought they were illegal to use in public. Or have things changed?

360 cameras can be used anywhere, even the national trust (although they can be a bit funny about the poles)