Saying Hello from Florida USA

Greetings, everyone. I would like to introduce myself and express my excitement about joining this platform. Having discovered several intriguing discussions here, I believe it is an opportune moment to become a member.

I have been actively engaged in operating a Mavic Mini 2 for approximately one and a half years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. However, I recently encountered a technical issue involving two out of my three batteries, which ceased charging due to low cell voltage. I am currently undertaking the necessary steps to restore their functionality.

After successfully reviving one of the batteries, I encountered a persistent challenge in clearing the PF2 flag. I am exploring the possibility of employing a battery-jumping technique to resolve this issue. My understanding is that I need to connect both positive terminals to one of each battery cell. Both cells currently register a voltage of 3.6V. By connecting one of the positive terminals, I managed to establish communication between the battery and the Battery Killer software, enabling me to clear the PF1 flag. However, the PF2 flag remained unresolved.

I am delighted to be a part of this community and eagerly anticipate acquiring valuable knowledge and insights regarding drones.


Hi @Yachtdrone

Check out this thread on the battery stuff:

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Hiya mate, welcome to the mad house!
Any more questions, just ask, one of us has probably had it, broke it, fixed it, broke it again etc!

Hi @Yachtdrone and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Hi @Yachtdrone welcome. Im sure you will get your issue sorted as you are well on the way.
Look forward to sseing some of your content appear on here.

Hi @Yachtdrone - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi @Yachtdrone welcome to GADC, enjoy.

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Welcome @Yachtdrone :blush:

Hello @Yachtdrone welcome to the club :smiley:

Welcome @Yachtdrone :smiley:

Hi @Yachtdrone Welcome to GADC, I bet your enjoying loads better weather than we are at the moment. :sunglasses: