Scarth Hill water tower, Ormskirk

Finally got the weather to make the trip to the water tower next to the uni, didn’t get too close to the tower itself but got some nice pics. We parked at the uni and walked up past the tower and took off on what looked like someone’s drive but a sign assured me it was a public footpath :sweat_smile:. (Took off on SD 43026 06556 or ///descended.basics.hoofs)


I’ve been wanting to fly here for ages, it’s still on my list.

There’s a decent Starbucks at the bottom of the A570 too. Bit too far to fly from there though :wink:

I also been wondering where to park and take off from. Lots of student cars are just bumped up on the grass verges so I’d probably just tag on the end of the line.

Thanks for sharing @Niall24 :smiley:

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