School Boy Error

I was doing some work yesterday where I was flying at multiple locations in a small town in the south coast. Each flight was only a few minutes, vertical ascent to 30m or so take some pictures and down, then move on. On one occasion I got the Drone (Mavic Mini) out of the case launched and saw the camera was misted up. I recovered and checked the lens and noticed it had steam up the inside of the lensglas. It was a reasonable coldish day but not to bad.

On further investigation what I found it to be was when I finished the previous flight, I forgot to power down the drone (the school boy error) and just packed it in the case. Therefore the heat from the battery (still on) raised the temperature inside the case and the entire drone. On taking the drone out of the case and exposing it to the outside air temperature the heat inside the lens then created the condensation.

Note to self, power down and remove battery between all flights.


Thanks for the feedback at least you found out what caused it so you will not do that again :thinking::joy:

@Shambleclown we have a voluntary-acceptance Plonker badge for just such occasions.

Would you like to accept this esteemed award, Phil?


Indeed I will :grin:

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Top man!

Plonker badge awarded :clap:t2:

You’ve joined the ranks of some of our finest members, myself included naturally :smiley:

I would like to thank my family for their support and my instructor on my course who taught us about removing b as arteries after each flight and duely forgot.

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