Off to West Scotland on Thursday to visit family and would seem rude not to take the Phantom out and get rid of the winter cobwebs. Hope to get some shots of the stunning coastline and culzean castle. Might have to do a bit of ducking and diving around Galloway forest as well. Hope to put any results on here later, depending if the weather behaves itself. Fingers crossed.


Ooh lovely. Kipford Loch is a particularly beautiful area. I have lovely memories of summer eves strolling hand in hand with a beautiful Scots lady along the banks of Kipford, of course she being broad Scots and me being broad Yorkshire, I couldn’t understand a bloody word of what she was saying half the time, but neither of us cared.
When the sun went down leaving our world alone with her sisters, the stars, it was if they were speaking across the vastness of space in voices too huge for our childlike human ears to catch the sound. Then as the moon arose and beamed her benevolent smile upon our mother, the earth, and we her children slept, darkness like a great soothing blanket covering us, eased away the fret and cares of the day.

Galloway forest has lovely trails through it.

I’ll have some of whatever he’s been smoking :point_up:t2:


Hi Mark, where in west of Scotland are you heading?

Just so you know Culzean is owned by NTS and don’t allow drone flights on its property. What I do is park at Croy shore and walk along the beach. You can take off from there and get a great view of the castle. Also if you walk along to the castle you can get up from the beach for free.


Yes mate planned to walk along the shore and get the phantom up. Going down to a village called Barr and get some footage of the wind turbines up on the hills. I lived around that area for a while. Just hope the weather is okay.

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The weekends to be not bad looking at forecasts.

I really need to lay off the coffee.
I recall some years ago coming back on the train from Scotland from an ‘incident’.
The carriage I was in was full of archetypal ‘jocks’ and ALL in high spirits.
They were in a jolly mood because their team has just won a footy match which qualified them for something or other, so they were singing loudly (cans of McKewans lager in hands) and what they would do to the ‘Sassenachs’ (English).
They spotted me sat quietly just watching the world go by after, having (several hours earlier) picked the pieces of one of their countrymen from the front of a 125mph express.
One huge bloke with more tattoos and scars than I care to describe came over, leaned his face right into mine, belched a beery burp and in his Scots accent said.
‘Och, wee laddie, ye awfa quiet, here have a tinnie’
I looked into his ruemy eyes and took that to mean that I was sat quietly and would I care to join them for a drink.
I stood up and in my best Queens English and said.
‘Thanks awfully old boy, yes I’d love to join you for a drink’ and grabbed the proffered can from his huge maw.
The whole carriage went silent as 20 big burly hairy, tattoo’d and very very drunk musclemen all turned towards me after hearing me speak.
I really fully expected to be stuffed through the window.
They all burst out laughing and said they ‘niver knew I was a Sassenach, sat there. and I’d got balls’
I joined and they decided to make me an honorary Scots man for the journey southwards to Newcastle, someone produced a tam ‘o’ Shanter and plonked it on my head, I had a fabulous time with them for an hour or so and treasure those moments.
But I can’t face drinking McKewans lager anymore.