Scotland's NC500 in CamperVan

Hi All

Wel,l as we’re not allowed to travel there, perhaps this will help get through the wanderlust;)
YT linky for the best bits from our NC500 tour along with some nice detours…
All completed in our VW California in May 2019
There are some notchy pans and colour transitions but hopefully you get the spirit of this beautiful part of the country. Special Thanks to Longstride on GADC who did the heavy lifting first edit;)
All filmed on a Mavic 2 Pro in 10 bit and H265, my first attempt with these settings…still lots to learn on colour correction and grading (Ive since downloaded Drone Film Guide tutorial and LUTs;)…
23 min, so get a cuppa;)
Everyday’s a school day…
We hope you enjoy;)


Very nice.
I was supposed to be in Scotland now with a group of motorbiking mates. I was hoping to be out there filming exactly this sort of thing.
Do you find many restrictions? I.e. national parks and other no fly zones or is it fairly clear?
Keep up the good work.

Smashing! It’s was great to see Latheronwheel, we were up there last year (it’s where my sister lives).

Beautiful video of a beautiful place.

Tx PP, the grass topped bridge there was great to shoot👍

Tx UT, didnt have any NT type issues, had to pay £10 to film at glenfinnan viaduct…harry potter tax😉

As the places are isolated, just apply normal drone code, of course😉

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Enjoyed every minute, great video of a fantastic country.
I’m biased lucky to stay in this country, although more central.

Tx D, glad you liked it👍

Absolutely riveting !!! Enjoyed it immensely - I struggle with colour correction/enhancement but hey ho, I use Filmora and will have to learn how to get the best out of it but it is a struggle at times.
I bet the quad had the dreaded “Highland Midges” assaulting it at every opportunity.
Very well filmed - big thumbs up

Thanks SF, Ive learned a bit since. May be worth checking out Drone Film Guide, they have some LUTs that come with a 50min tutorial on the process. PS No affiliation on my part;)

We were a bit before the midges thankfully;)

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I so much enjoyed your Scottish film especially as we are in lockdown. Been to some of the places but no flying then.
Really thought I was watching “Coast”… all you need is a presenter and a wee bit commentry. (That could be you).

Tx Mel. Appreciate the kind words, think ive got some way to go when you see the Pros stuff: it ill take the Coast comparison😉

*But Ill

From here or is there a link ? I need all the help I can get lol

Primarily on youtube. Googe drone film guide and LUTs👍

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