Scottish Highlands trip - Glencoe Road

On our way up to the Isle of Skye, the Mini2 took to the air for a photo or two :grinning:

This is somewhere on the A82 Glencoe road.

Cheers - Rob.



I’ve never been to Scotland. My partner says it’s so picturesque and beautiful. I need to go soon!

It’s definitely worth the trip! If you do the West coast, and go up the A82 Glencoe road, it is oozing with drone landscape photo possibilities. I only got a few shots with my Mini2 and where possible my Air2S, but if you had the time to scope out locations, you’d come back with a few microSD cards full of quality views!

Cheers - Rob.


Great Images, we’re heading up in a few weeks. Cant wait to get my drone up.