Screen Protector + Galaxy S9

I have just had the screen and back of the phone replaced and now wanting suggestions for a screen protector. I have researched which is best suited bearing in mind each time I attach the phone for flying it will be removed from a Gear 4 case. I am now baffled by those offered for sale as to glass or flexible material.
Thanks in advance.

I can’t make a suggestion as to which brand to go for, but I would look for a screen protector that also has very low reflective properties. It’s a PITA when using your device with your drone outside and all you see is yourself staring back at you.

You cant go far wrong with anything by JETech, I’ve used them for years on all my i devices.

Thanks for your help and advice.

Amazon will delver a JETech tomorrow.

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I recently bought a screen protector from Flolab. They are expensive but it was very easy to fit using the guide and hardly shows any finger marks on the screen.

There is a comprehensive review of screen protectors here: I Broke 17 Different iPhone 12 Screen Protectors. Which One Was Strongest? - YouTube

The review is mostly about iPhones bu a protector is available from the same company for your Galaxy.