Screwed my SD Slot

Hi all

Not concentrating, I stupidly pushed down on the SD Card in my Mavic 2 Pro for some reason thinking that it was spring loaded and expecting it pop out as with some devices only to have pushed it further into the drone and card slot.

I have no idea why I did this, as I’ve removed the sd card no end of times. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :flushed:

This has resulted in a broken SD card slot as it no longer reads my Sd cards ( no real surprise there!)

My drone will be out of warranty and as it has been used sparingly over the past 12 months there is no insurance either.

Has anyone else done this and / or managed to get it repaired? if so do you have any recommendations? Is it DJI themselves?

Any help most appreciated.


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Sorry you broke your drone :cry:

No, absolutely not.

Go here:

And don’t forget to use your GADC member discount :slight_smile:

(details in the Members Only category)


Oh man thats brill! Thankyou @PingSpike :+1:

and doubly so for the quick reply :smiley:


If out of warranty I would possibly be looking at doing it myself, doesn’t look too hard


Good find! Cheers @yorkie9668 :+1: :smiley:

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If my memory serves me rightly, there is a returning spring, and it can easily be pushed too far, it will just need to be reseated, had the very same on mobiles before and had to take them apart to reseat the little clip spring

It’s also possible to bend the contacts (did that on my laptop … albeit SD, not Micro SD), but the spring/latch were both still fully functional. The cards, obviously, wouldn’t read.

That the cards can’t be read suggests to me that that may be the case … since the spring, or lack of, wouldn’t prevent the contacts working and the card being read.

Luckily, with the laptop, I was able to get a new card socket that just plugged/screwed into place.

Certainly worth close inspection to see what the damage is and how easily fixable.


Yes there is always that too, he could send it to be repaired, or try home repair, there are plenty of uk online parts sellers

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Yes, I’ve obviously pushed darn thing in too far and bent the necessaries enough to fudge it up!

I’ve contacted Drone Dr and am sending it in for repair. Thankfully it wasnt as expensive as first thought but still an expensive daft mistake to have gone and made though! doh!

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Contact north west drone services…excellent guy!

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By way of an update.

Got my drone back from Drone Dr. Brilliant service.

From sending it off to getting it back was all done within a week.

Can highly recommend them !