SDK for Mavic Mini confirmed as in the pipeline

Just scanned the release notes on the developer portal for the older SDKs.

iOS Mobile SDK 4.7 released on 23/08/18 was the first to support the Mavic 2, anyone remember when the M2 was released?

Just check @callum’s order date. :wink:

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Orders went live on 23rd Aug 2018.

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So the SDK was released on the same day?! That’s gotta be a first!

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I remember a couple of weeks wait after it was delivered until support by Litchi.

Was pretty quick.


Seven months later… :yawning_face:

However, I bring good news Mavic Mini owners!

The DJI Developer Portal is now showing this:

Looks like the SDK will finally be released next month.

And knowing how quick Litchi are to react, they’ll have a beta available in a matter of weeks :clap:t2:


Well, the 13th July came and went, no Mavic Mini SDK…


It’s now confirmed for 31st July instead:

We’ll see :grimacing:

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Just heard a rumour that the SDK for the Mavic Mini and more has been released, can anyone confirm this is true?

Moved your post over to a pre-existing thread on this topic.

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Yes mate, it dropped earlier today:


Cheers - hopefully the MA2 will follow soon!

Don’t hold your breath :grimacing:


That was in December, 2019.

Which of course was all people ever wanted, Litchi support, right?

Then the SDK finally arrived:

And then…

This bombshell dropped 24hrs later:


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What a bummer! … for those that have Minis.

It’d be handy to still use Litchi for flying with, as I use it as the default app on the other DJI drones.

Mean’s I’d be free of DJI Fly :grimacing:

And, can also (hmmm, possibly?) use Litchi for a 360 degree pano with the Mini.

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DroneLink beta due this week so lets see what that brings

Perhaps @dronelink (Jim) can enlighten us more?

The SDK can mimic joystick inputs - so technically something is possible in terms of automation.

Worth the development effort though? :man_shrugging:

Some more insight here:

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FYI the author of that video, Kilian Eisenegger, is also the author of the hdrpano app:

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So does this mean no follow me? Or is that still a possibility? I’m not so worried about waypoints and can still use my MA1 for that…

People have said elsewhere that the lack of sensors on the drone is what limit this, however I don’t buy into this, the PA3 had no sensors but could do follow as can my Osmo Mobile 3.

Lets see what the next couple of weeks bring