SDK for Mavic Mini confirmed as in the pipeline

I contacted the DJI dev team this evening to find out if a SDK would be release for the Mavic Mini.

Thankfully, good news:

So Litchi fans, I/you/we hopefully won’t have to wait too long :smiley:

This is also good news for CrystalSky owners :wink:

You heard it here first :+1:t2:


January 2085 is in the “future”. :wink:


But at least it’s coming?

Can’t remember what the M2 timescales were but there was three months (ish) from the Mavic Air being launched to its SDK being released so hopefully they’ll follow a similar time frame with the Mini.

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When you’re 70 years old … time is limited. :rofl: (Not that I have a Mini! :wink: )

This suggested a higher degree of uncertainty than should be the case.

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Just scanned the release notes on the developer portal for the older SDKs.

iOS Mobile SDK 4.7 released on 23/08/18 was the first to support the Mavic 2, anyone remember when the M2 was released?

Just check @callum’s order date. :wink:

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Orders went live on 23rd Aug 2018.

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So the SDK was released on the same day?! That’s gotta be a first!

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I remember a couple of weeks wait after it was delivered until support by Litchi.

Was pretty quick.


Seven months later… :yawning_face:

However, I bring good news Mavic Mini owners!

The DJI Developer Portal is now showing this:

Looks like the SDK will finally be released next month.

And knowing how quick Litchi are to react, they’ll have a beta available in a matter of weeks :clap:t2: