Not spooked at all , love the moment the seal in the water is looking about (for the noise ? ) and looks straight up at the drone

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Haha yes doesn’t bother them they are more curious and swim towards the drone. :grinning:

loving the colours… esp that sunset evening…warm light.


ps I love it when the people say people disturb the wildlife yet have no experience of it at all… LOL

Those seals carried on with what they were doing… I recently saw a YT video of a drone flying closely over mallard ducks in a local park pond… they never even flinched. Even I expected a mass lift off of the flock of ducks.

Yes I know if I thought for one second I was scaring them I would have left them alone but they actually swim towards the drone when they see it, they are very curious. I’m also further away than it appears because of zooming in on post editing. I think they are just wondering why that little grey seagull with 4 wings is making a buzzing noise. :grinning:

That’s another thing that is not taken into consideration…

Closeup mean too close with those with no knowledge. Just how was that ‘close effect’ taken?

Asking means listening too though.

Great job @Frank

Shooting in 4K leaves plenty of room for cropping the footage, a lot of the time I use the Ken Burns effect in Final Cut Pro or just crop it down you don’t loose much quality with 4K as long as you don’t over do it.