Search for a lost dog

I flew some preprogrammed searches for a lost dog today based on the information that it was last seen near the country park. At the end of the third flight, as golden hour was coming to a close, I snuck in a quick pano. Feel guilty and the dog is still missing :frowning:


Great pano :+1: :+1: :+1:

I fly for a dog search group too. Lost dog owners really do appreciate any support they can get so I wouldn’t feel too guilty - you’ve provided your drone, time and expertise FOC.

Well done you for supporting those in need - and getting a really nice pano in the process :+1: :+1: :+1:



We are searching for dogs and people. Not sure how effective it is as I’ve only just joined. Ideally I think you need a drone team - one pilot, one to watch the screen and one to check map/ ask passers-by to search on ground. And one person to act as runner if dog or person located. How does your team operate?

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Hi Robert - I’m located in Gorseinon - mid way between Swansea and Llanelli in deepest darkest Wales :joy:
I’m signed up with the Drone SAR for Lost Dogs group run by Graham Burton. The group has a number of pilots, ground searchers and general members.
Fully agree, you need a team to be effective. We try and meet up with the owner if possible - this generally gives the best info on where to search. Quite often we just use the drones to eliminate areas such that the time expended by the Ground Searchers is more effective.
Nothing better than seeing a dog re-united with its owner.
This year - until the lockdown interrupted proceedings - I was 4 from 4, so now can’t wait to get back “at it” but that’s in the hands of the ultra cautious Welsh Assembly.

`Which group are you involved with ??

I know it. At one point in my life I installed computer kit. Gorseinon Jo Centre was one such customer.

Denmead Drone SAR. It’s in its infancy and, once we can get together without distancing, we need to get some training in.

Having been on a search that involved a professional dog handler I think a degree of cross training would be good so that we could understand the capabilities and limitations of each other’s discipline.

We also need a decent comms setup - mobiles are ok if there’s a signal but unwieldy if there is a situation that needs broadcast.

I snuck a post in about this a few days ago :slight_smile: