Second day out with the AVATA - loving it

Had my second day ut flying the AVATA have to say it is putting a big grin on my face…

Trench and Tree runs…

Tree Surfing…


cracking location for it too. I have a similar type of location near me too. Just so exciting swooping low to the ground and between tree’s.

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Yup, a friend found it, and posted it to the forum, and voila, we have a favourite flying spot - shame its 35 mins away from home, but can’t have everything I suppose :slight_smile:

You’re really good at flying backwards :slight_smile:

Reversed footage on this one :slight_smile:
I wanted to find a way to exit, and a reverse seemed the best way to do so :wink:

Cracking flying - especially for second time out.

Need to find something to chase now. :slight_smile:

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Thanks… yeah, think I’m a little way form that, Rob had his FPV and I watched it take off - and it was gone - kinda like the Top Gun scene ‘Where’d he go?’, ‘Where’d who go?’