Second Hand DJI drones/cameras/batteries -

MPB have a pretty good reputation for second hand items, and currently listing a fair range of DJI items : link DJI - Secondhand

Currently showing - amongst other things …

  • 7 MP batteries between £42 (77 charges) to £62 (18 charges). The details indicate overall/cosmetic condition too. (There will be one less by the end of today. :wink: )

  • 7 Inspire 1 v2.0 - from £549

  • 10 M2P - from £869

  • 4 M2Z - from £549

  • 9 MP - from £419

Could be of interest to those with limited funds.

MPB have a good reputation, and items have 6 months warranty.


100% agree about MPB. Bought 2 DSLR recently and have had numerous lenses over the years, never had a reason to complain. Also give a reasonable price if you Px stuff.

Ditto, used for camera stuff and been exactly as described.

Good to see that the DJI Mini 2 is still as popular as ever, since they have none in stock, at least not at the moment. Even those that move on to bigger and better drones, tend to keep the Mini 2 or even the original Mini, as it’s a very compact drone , tat easy to take anywhere.

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2% TCB as well

Have also had some cracking lenses from them in the past that were better than described, delivery and service always spot on.

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They have a fast return from your doorstep and refund if not happy.

I’ve bought a few MP original batteries with 30 charges alot cheaper then Amazon and fleabay clones.

For commercial use the mini 2 is a must have as you can over fly congested areas and people in ways you cannot with a “proper” drone.

The mini 2 is massively underestimated IMHO.