Selby Abbey Poppies Streaming From Clock Tower

Nearly 60000 poppies knitted to commemorate ending of first World War


Thanks Paul, I was going to ‘go up’ early on Sunday morning to get these shots.
At Squires cafe the bikers are having a rememberance rideout, setting off at 1115 I think they said. There is a large field opposite which would make a decent take off and vantage point if you are interested.

great idea its on the 11th week sunday

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According to the font of all knowledge (Selby Times). There will be up to 600 bikers setting off at 1115 on the 11th. With a 100 shot firework being set off to mark the 100 centenary of the end of WW1

we will have to be there

Brilliant pictures and really like the night time shots :clap::clap:

Great photos @paulmouncer :+1:

Stunning shots, well done.