Self timer on the Mini 3 Pro

Just thinking out loud… I’m trying to find an easy, safe way to do solo moving photos…

Can I put set the M3P up in Active Track, get it to take a picture on a timer, hide the controller out of sight and then start moving and have it take a still 10 seconds later…?

@speedracer66 I would just use active track to take a video, then export the frames I want as photos.

I’ve tried that, with limited success. It’s also for publication, so I could do with a couple of extra megapixels.

Why does it need to be active track

Can’t you just point it to where you want the shot

And set the timer to every 2 seconds or so


Whats the scenario ?

Because the subject will be moving. And rhe driver of the subject won’t be able to drive and use the remote at the same time…

So… it doesn’t work. You can’t use Active Track and Self Timer together… Plan C…

i didnt even know there was a self timer on the mini 3 pro. where is it located?

@Aldric The timer is on the photo menu. Single is at the top and timer right at the bottom (you have to scroll the menu to see it)

If you need stills move take photo, move take photo etc, then add motion blur in post.
Or get someone to fly or drive and you do the other.

@OldGit62 well damn… I didnt know that was there… I wonder what other settings ive missed out on seeing…
runs to look!!!

No problems doing it with two people - I was trying to figure out a safe reliable way to do it solo. Post won’t work because it’s for editoral use, so only light edits are permitted.

@Aldric In master shots there is a “roll and fly forward” if you put the drone in FPV mode.

@OldGit62 there is?? will have to try that out sunday

@Aldric I only found out about it because I watched this video.

facepalms as he realises he had seen this vid 3 weeks ago and even left a comment on it…
I blame getting old for my bad memory…
but thank you for the reminder, im hoping to go flying on sunday as long as weather holds out and will be giving that a try.
will let you know how it pans out
(also subscribed to your yt channel)

I need to check this out ? as I’m sure I’m not in fpv mode when I was doing mastershots getting the pitch up fly forward which is the first I hate as it suddenly drops before doing that move and second which feels gimmicky maybe to a noobie watching think it’s cool the roll and fly forward.

That’s just me sorry, but it’s great to be able to edit and cut from the card anyway.

Maybe changed in firmware from last time I used mastershots but if default settings does leave the 2 I mentioned fantastic. :wink:

@OldGit62 and @Aldric I apologise as I tested mastershots this afternoon and the settings mentioned in video is correct.

It must have been changed in firmware update as I did a mastershots of my son’s new place and had the roll ànd fly was in it and I definitely never changed settings to FPV.