Setup for nd filters

So I have bought myself some nd filters I put on nd 16 but as I move my focus goes blurry any help pls

I can’t help I’m afraid @Goddardn01, but have been looking at NDs and interested what replies you get :wink:

ND filters only cut down the amount of light reaching the sensor, so it should not affect the process of focusing, unless it is too dark to allow correct focus to be achieved. They are just darker pieces of glass that replace the glass covering or replacing the lens covering supplied on the camera.

I would check your video settings, also that the filter is correctly fitted?
You could try an ND8 see if it happens with that?

Using the ND will have lowered your shutter speed. It adds a bit of motion blur and that’s probably what your seeing.

More noticible when panning quickly.

Some people like the effect, some dont.

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Thant you would it be better if I changed the sensitivity settings on the drone ?