Severn Bridge

A very shorten video of the Severn Bridge (the old one). Edited this one from 30 minutes to just over 1 minute. :rofl:

DJI Mini 3 Pro
25fps / 4K
Still learning about colour grading :nerd_face:


Nice video, @coastie :clap: Well done mate.

I didn’t know about the little island with the ruin on it. Appears to be a cross on top. I must have flown over it at some point. I take off opposite you, at the Aust viewing point.

You weren’t tempted to fly to England and back on a battery? :wink:

I flew from the English side to the Welsh side and back last year with my M2P … and it started raining :man_facepalming:


Thanks. Cool video. I certainly was tempted. It was a little windy and got a couple of strong wind warnings about half way across. Now I’ve got a couple of extended batteries, I’ll certainly go back when the weather is better. :+1:

1.78KM each way. I’ve done 2KM over land… :thinking:

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Tried the colour grading again with another couple of clips



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