Hi there, I’m new to drone flying and have been recommended to go for a second hand DJI mini 2, but I’m also considering an SG906 Max Pro2. Does anyone have any experience of using this drone? Thanks for any advice.

I have the SG906 Max… and honestly, when I got a Mini 2, there was no reason to use the SG906 Max ever again - further flight range (I think about 50-60m is the range for the SG906), more places where I can fly it (it’s under 250g, unlike the SG906) and just all round a far better product.

Also, if you record, use an sdcard: SG906 Max with sdcard vs without - YouTube

40 to 60m range??..its more like up to 800 fpv and 1200 max control range according to reviewers, The MAX 3 by the way has the three axis plug in/out avoidance system.

perhaps… but video is streamed via wifi and cuts out at 50-60m, so while you could fly further, you can’t see what you’re recording… so distance is realistically capped to wifi streaming. If you’re using it to get footage, this is a severe cap.
Maybe the Max Pro 2 uses something different and the range is farther out, but on my SG906, that video transmission range, coupled with the weight restrictions makes the Mini 2 a far more valuable asset.

He was asking about the MAX 2 not the 906.
Max 2 is slightly uprated as is the Max 3 from the others…and maybe he cant afford the DJ yet! Hes better off using a cheaper model to learn.

Alright, then using the specs, they claim for the Max Pro 2:

Get a live video from the drone camera with no delay with a 5G WIFI plus repeater boosted signal .

And I can say that is utter jargon BS. It’s just wifi. 5G is a cellular standard, and nothing to do with wifi.
Oh and mine? It says “5G WIFI”.
Perhaps they have a better video transmitter, but it goes to your phone via wifi. And so the range is just limited.

DJI get around this by having the video transmit to the controller and the controller feeds the video to the phone via a cable, thereby bypassing the limitations of wifi.

I would suggest to save money and not get this.

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In fact, if the OP wants my SG906 to learn to fly and use and see if he wants to go further into the hobby, he can have it. For nada. Either collect or I’ll meet you half way somewhere.

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It’s possible they mean 5.8GHz WiFi? :person_shrugging:t2:
It’s hard to know what’s marketing bollocks and what’s been lost in translation sometimes.

5G is a cellular radio standard as has been stated above but the latest 5G modem chips at the receiver handle Wi-Fi data, cellular data and low baud rate satellite data transmission frequencies all integrated into the same chip. What the badly expressed marketing blurb is trying to express is that the modem data speed is capable at working up to the data rates offered by 5G cellular data standards. But note there are no systems currently available that can meet the theoretical data throughput offered by the 5G standard specifications and that includes the latest flagship cellular phones. So the blurb is nothing more than marketing hyperbole with very little real life value. The equipment has a 5G capable modem chip inside. Big deal. That tells you squat fanny Adams about the speed of the data going through it. Probably just plain Jane Wi-Fi.

So if you mention your drone has 5G you are more likely to have some loon claiming to be electro-magnetically sensitive, because reasons, coming up to your drone and setting fire to it.